Simple/Basic ADA Signs

This sign type is one of the most common and basic of the products we offer.  It consists of an acrylic backer with surface applied raised text and or pictogram with Grade 2 raster braille. 

Our standard colors for the acrylic substrate is black or white with contrasting raised text and clear braille beads.  While the basic style signs are usually square/rectangular in shape, the acrylic substrate can be modified to any shape and size as long as it meets the ADA requirements. 

These signs are great cost-effective ways to meet the basic criteria defined in the 2010 ADA Standards that requires room identification signs for all permanent rooms and spaces.

Custom Painted

If a standard color is not what you are looking for, the acrylic substrate can be painted to achieve a custom color.

The acrylic can be painted 1st or 2nd surface in one or multiple colors.

Custom painting allows you to incorporate your company’s colors or colors of the surrounding environment into your signs.

This is a great way to introduce creativity and uniqueness to your sign.

Custom Engraved

Name plates and door ID tags are certainly something we can help you with. 

Whether they are small & simple tags needed for code requirements or more elaborate name plates and ADA signs our laser engraving equipment is perfect for the job. 

With the use of our laser engraving equipment, your ADA signs can take on even more depth and intricate detail for that one of a kind sign.


In addition to code compliant ADA signage we also provide wayfinding and directory signage to assist with navigating through your facility. 

Many times wayfinding and directory signage is of the same style and type of material as the ADA room signs in your facility so as to give a theme and consistency for your visitors. 

Give us a call, our experienced team can show you some examples of some completed projects.

Standoffs/Accents/Custom Finishes

Through the use of standoffs, accent bars and laminates you can add dimension and character to your ADA sign.  Standoffs can be used to create depth between the wall and the sign or depth between a multi-layered sign. 

Accent bars & shapes are a great way to add architectural finishes to your sign and tie it in with the surrounding space. 

Custom finishes can include plastic, wood and metal laminates.  All of these custom finishing touches are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. 

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